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2018 CCYF FALL FLAG Football Registration

2018 Fall Flag Football Registration

Registration is only $85.00*

2018 CCYF Flex Football Registration

2018 Flex Football Registration

Registration is $150.00

2018 CCYF TACKLE Football Registration

2018 Tackle Football Registration

Registration is only $250.00

Welcome to CCYFs new registration process

Registering your kids with CCYF is about to get a lot easier. Our new all digital registration process means that you will only have to give your information once even as your kids progress through the years of CCYF. Each year you return you simply log in to your SportsEngine account sign up your kids for the new seasons they will be participating in. We will remember who you are and who your kids are. You can also update your account or information at any time.


Clark County Youth Football  
P.O. Box 871962  
Vancouver, WA