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2022 CCYF FALL FLAG Football Registration.

2022 CCYF FALL FLAG Football Registration.

Online is OPEN. Email for registration information.

$110.00 + $10.00 online fee

The Registration "Home" is not currently available.

2022 CCYF FALL Advanced Flag Football (FLEX) Registration

2022 FALL Advanced Flag Football (Flex) Registration

Online is OPEN. Email for registration information.

$185.00 + $10.00 online fee

The Registration "Home" is not currently available.

2022 CCYF FALL TACKLE Football Registration

2022 CCYF FALL Tackle Football Registration

Online is OPEN. Email for registration information.

$285.00 + $10.00 online fee

The Registration "Home" is not currently available.

Welcome to Clark County Youth Football

Clark Counties Premier, Progressive Youth Football League since 1983

The Best Game in town!

Enough is Enough: Bad Behavior by Coaches, Parents and Fans Must Stop

By Dr. Karissa Niehoff, Chief Executive Officer of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), and Mick Hoffman, Executive Director of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Assocation

There’s an unfortunate trend continuing in Washington and across the nation that must be stopped: the bad behavior of coaches, parents and fans at high school and middle school athletic events.

We’ve all seen it: the yelling, harassing, berating, disrespecting and even physically assaulting referees, umpires and other officials during and after games. And oftentimes, the harassment continues on social media. Perhaps you’ve witnessed it firsthand or even been one of those offenders yourself.

Not only is this behavior unacceptable and embarrassing, but it’s also having serious consequences on the future of education-based athletics.

That’s because another unfortunate trend is sweeping the nation: a critical shortage of high school and middle school officials in every state. The #1 reason? You guessed it: Coaches, parents and fans mistreating officials.

National surveys of officials report alarming statistics:1

  • 55% of officials say verbal abuse from coaches, parents and fans is the #1 reason they quit.
  • 59% don’t feel respected.
  • 57% think sportsmanship is getting worse.
  • 84% feel officials are treated unfairly by spectators.
  • 46% have felt unsafe or feared for their safety due to spectator, coach, administrator or player behavior.

Officials are quitting faster than new ones are signing up. It’s a major area of concern for states like Washington just to cover games. We’re already seeing middle school and JV games being cancelled and, in some cases, varsity games too. All because there aren’t enough officials.

Unfortunately, bad behavior at school athletic events has become normalized. It is almost expected that coaches, parents and fans will disrespect the individuals serving as officials.

This culture of bad behavior and the negative perception of officials must change now. Everyone involved in high school and middle school sports—parents, coaches, administrators, fans, the media—must turn their focus to the student-athletes playing the games and away from the individuals officiating the contests.

The bottom line: With no high school or middle school officials, there can be no high or middle school sports.

That’s why the NFHS is partnering with state high school associations across the country to launch the nationwide #BenchBadBehavior campaign. We’ll use the power of social media along with other tools to help educate everyone about the importance of good behavior at high school athletic events.

You can help by being a positive role model at your high school’s athletic events. And if you think you have what it takes to be a licensed official, sign up today at and help fill an urgent need in Washington!

 To become an official contact    


Are you ready for some Football?


NO VACCINATION REQUIRED TO PLAY. There is no requirement for players or coaches to be vaccinated. 

  1. MASKS: The requirement of masks would only happen if the school districts require them as part of the facility use agreements for practice and game fields. We have not heard of the requirement yet. We will keep you posted as facility use agreements are issued in August. 
  2. FALL SEASON IS HAPPENING. We are in the process of registering players daily. 
  3. EQUIPMENT ISSUE. Equipment issue will be different this year. As you are aware, we have relocated our storage facility and will be sending out info on how the issue will go. We can pretty much assure everyone that a gear make up date will be very hard to do. It is important that everyone attend the official days.
  4. Evergreen and Camas school districts will NOT have 8th grade football this fall



Clark County Youth Football

The CCYF program has always been about giving the players a safe, positive football experience, with the motto "Kids First and Winning Second." The CCYF program is dedicated to continued growth and to allow more young athletes to play the sport of football with the belief that, "Most Teams Help People Become Better Athletes, But the Best Teams Help Athletes Become Better People".

This year we have a new all digital league management system. Registration, rostering, league communications and team communications all run through the SportsEngine system. Once you have created your account you will just need to download the app to get up to the minute updates about the league or your team. 

Reasons to Play Clark County Youth Football

Clark County’s Longest Running, Most Established Youth Football Program Where kids come first!

39 years proudly serving the children of Clark County.

  • Everyone welcome to Play, grades kindergarten thru 8th grade.
  • No maximum or minimum player weight restrictions, ALL PLAYERS PLAY.
  • Our age and grade divisions ensure a safer environment for all players.
  • Our mandatory play rules and rotations ensure playing time in every game. For everyone.
  • Coaches receive training through USA Football & Positive Coaching Alliance.
  • All coaches are USA Football Heads up football certified.
  • Teams are assigned by geographical boundaries of the public school district that players will attend. Children will play with their classmates and neighborhood friends to create a feeder program for the High Schools that they will attend. Teams are not handpicked by coaches.
  • All Tackle games officiated by Evergreen Football Officials Association. The same officials that officiate the High School games. Games are played in High School Stadiums. Some games at night under the lights offering a unique playing experience for the players.
  • All games played on Saturday, locally within Clark County. All safety equipment is provided. 2 Flag seasons, 1 in the fall - 1 in the spring.

CCYF-EFOA 2021 Coaches Training

CCYF-EFOA 2021 Coaches Training

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