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FLEX Football is coming this spring to CCYF

FLEX Football is coming to CCYF this fall

By CCYF, 03/03/18, 11:45PM PST


FLEX Football is a hybrid of flag football that includes non-contact elements from tackle football available for 2nd or 3rd grade players. This non-tackle option is a great way to learn football skills.

CCYF is proud to offer FLEX Football this fall for 2nd and 3rd grade players who are wanting to learn football skills in a non-tackle environment. FLEX Football is a hybrid of flag football.  Players can still play tackle football at 2nd and 3rd grade if they or their parents choose, but we now have the option for FLEX Football as well.

What is FLEX Football?

FLEX Football is a hybrid form of flag football, low-impact, scheme and assignment based approach helping to provide a more gradual learning environment. Players in FLEX Football wear lightweight, soft shell shoulder pads and helmets. This allows players to learn the important feet and hand skills without the bulky gear required for tackle football.


FLEX Football includes offensive and defensive skills, and a number of other elements from tackle football that offer the ideal experience to develop football fundamentals, in a non-tackle environment. Contact is limited to open hand, to upper torso between opposing players. The play ends by pulling the flag from an opponent, instead of full contact tackling. This approach enforces proper techniques and fundamentals of the game and progress to tackle football gradually.